Specialists at working with your business to get your tech where you want it

TechTurn specialises in aligning your business operations with your IT systems. We don’t just fix what’s broken, we look at the root cause and overall structure of your systems. 

TechTurn can help you directly, or even work with your existing IT team or provider. We’re the missing link to getting your IT sorted.

Many Different Industries

We've worked across many different industries such as health care, building, engineering, finance and finance to name a few. This gives us insight and knowledge to find the best way to solve your problems.


We're not beholden to a big company or public shareholders, we're here to provide you what you need.

Quality First

We prioritize the quality of our service over everything else, it's the fundamental reason TechTurn was established.

Strategy and Expertise

We don't just point you in the right direction, fundamentally, we're technicians. We can get you to where you need to be.
Looking Onward

Just some of our many services…

Bringing over a decade of experience to our work across many different industries and sectors.

IT Management

Our premier key service to making sure your business tech is working for you.

IT Support

High quality support services for when things aren't working quite right.

IT Audit's and Evaluation

Our audits are bespoke products designed to fit realbest practices and standards.

Cyber Security

Our cutting-edge cyber security services allow businesses to increase their security while keeping costs low.

IT Equipment

Our connections with top notch suppliers can help you get the best products for the lowest prices.

IT Consulting

Our diverse range of industries provide us the perspective to give the best solutions for your business.

We can help optimize and secure your businesses technology.

In the last 10 years we’ve had our hands in over 200 businesses across Adelaide. With this experience, we’ve seen first hand what cyber attacks can do, and have found the best ways to prevent them.


Security Breaches

40% of businesses report downtime due to breaches lasting over 8 hours annually. This downtime often costs far more than the work it would take to secure your systems.

Human Error

88% of breaches are reported to be caused by human error. TechTurn provides auditing, consulting and training to reduce this risk and keep your business secure & operating.
Computer Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Our lead consultant Kris has had experience working within many different industries. These include Building & Engineering Firms, Hospitals & Doctors Surgeries, Accounting Firms, NDIS Care & Care Plan Managers, Financial Planners & more.


We will contact you as soon as possible to figure out how we can provide solutions to your problems. Usually this will involve an in-person meeting to discuss and look over your systems. From here, we can propose a solution & quote to get your business running optimally.

Our service fees are matched to our competitors. Often we find that our solutions work out cheaper, with better service as we strive to be as efficient as possible.

We service anywhere in the Adelaide & Surrounding regions. If you have inter-state offices, we can even discuss travel to accommodate these locations.

All our staff possess current working with children & police checks.

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We can’t wait to start helping you and your staff with whatever problems you are facing with your tech.

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