Team Discussing on a Project

Business Grade Anti-Virus

Recently we’ve had a customer come to me, stating that her bank was asking for their laptop to be “Professionally Cleaned”.  I’d assumed they were using something for free offline, when the reality was they’d purchased it from a big retail store.

Not all created equally.

After installing my own tools and products, there were some very interesting things happening on this device including:

  • Constant Advertising popups.
  • Remote access programs trying to connect to somewhere offshore.
  • Programs with very ambiguous manufacturers installed.

Yet, the anti-virus that was supposed to be “Business Grade” couldn’t see any of these items.

Why asking your consultant matters.

We’ve been brought in as an outside help to try and bring so many breaches under control. Because of this, we’ve seen in practice what solutions do catch problems, and what doesn’t really do much more than give emotional support. 

What to look out for.

Chances are, if your Anti-Virus is constantly pushing up notices about how many threats its blocked online, or how it can optimise your systems. Then that’s all it’s doing.

This isn’t always the case however, but either way, you can reach out to us at TechTurn to steer you in the right direction.