Team Showing Strength

Keeping your business cyber-safe.

So many people and businesses are constantly worried about cyber security, and with the onslaught of breaches of even major organisations, you can see why.

But for most small and medium businesses, the way you’d be attacked can be remediated by the end of the week, or even tomorrow.

Follow best practices.

The way I’ve seen most businesses compromised are by doing all the things we just haven’t got around to doing.

  • Implementing 2FA wherever possible.
  • Not re-using passwords.
  • Implementing 3rd party spam filtering.
  • Ensuring windows and all applications are up to date
  • Using business grade anti-virus on all workstations.
  • Training all your staff on best practices and cyber security.

However, alot of the time, we’re just too busy to implement these things, let alone keep them up to date and managed.

Australian Government Essential 8

The Government have made many attempts to try and boost cyber security amongst businesses. But even now they built a standard, they’ve built it around enterprise licencing that has far too higher cost to implement for most businesses.

An external provider is the best way keep this managed.

Techturn are experienced consultants who have seen first hand how cyber attacks occur and how to prevent them. We provide everything your business needs to keep your tech up to date, secure, and running efficiently.

We’ve built our packages based around the Essential 8 to maximise your risk reduction, whilst cutting the cost of implementation.

Our other brand, National Cyber Security Services has everything you need to keep your business secure.