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Office 365 is all you need

While there definitely is a place for servers in the business, for most small businesses, they’re more of a liability than an asset. These days, Office 365 replaces everything you need from a basic server setup, and gives you even more flexibility to increase your business continuity. 

The reality is, with most small to medium businesses using websites for their daily operations. You very well could move to an IT environment where all you rely on is an internet connection.

O365 Business Standard

The go-to licence for small businesses, giving you everything you need like email and a copy of Microsoft Office.

However, we still find even businesses paying for Dropbox or onsite shared storage units, when Sharepoint is included in their subscription. But what is Sharepoint exactly? It’s not just an intranet, it’s basically a terabyte of shared storage you’re probably already paying for. This can even show in the file explorer of your PC, just like the network Z drives of big enterprise networks.

But better than an onsite server on NAS, as long as you have an internet connection, it can work from anywhere. This gives your team in combination with an internet based phone system to work from anywhere.

O365 Business Premium

This is the best licence for small to medium business, period, yet most businesses haven’t cracked onto it. 

But why pay the extra $10 per month per user?

  • Make all your laptops set themselves up out of the box (Setup accounts, install programs and everything).
  • Advanced Spam Filtering & Link Checking to keep your data safe.
  • Hard enforce 2FA across your entire suite.
  • Enhanced device security & vulnerability scanning.

Basically, you can have all the features of an onsite server environment, without the liability of having one.

But what if we still need a server for the app we use?

Most applications still can be configured to use non-server accounts. Or better yet, linked to your O365 accounts for your business. At TechTurn, our consultants specialise in re-working your systems so you can get the most out of your IT.