Cyber Security via NCSS

At TechTurn, we saw a need for low-cost, easily implemental cyber security solutions to help reduce businesses risk of cyber-attack. The Australian Government Essential 8 is a set of guidelines for IT security in business. However, due to its high cost and complexity, most businesses ignore it. We’ve simplified and rebuilt these guidelines to be low-cost & easy to implement, yet still effective in reducing risks.

With our brand National Cyber Security Services, we provide the following:

Cyber Security Reviews and Audits.
Device Security Packages.
Cyber Awareness Training.
Ongoing Maintenance, Projects & Support.


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Just some of our many services…

IT Management

Our premier key service to making sure your business tech is working for you.

IT Support

High quality support services for when things aren't working quite right.

IT Audit's and Evaluation

Our audits are bespoke products designed to fit realbest practices and standards.

Cyber Security

Our cutting-edge cyber security services allow businesses to increase their security while keeping costs low.

IT Equipment

Our connections with top notch suppliers can help you get the best products for the lowest prices.

IT Consulting

Our diverse range of industries provide us the perspective to give the best solutions for your business.